About Me

Hello I am Siddhesh Shinde, founder of Careerdefine. I am an IT Engineer by Education and Digital Marketer by Profession.

I have good knowledge on Education and career topics. I am always interested and excited to share information on online earning, Education, business, and career.

Since my college days, I helped my many juniors, friends, and other surrounding peoples with the right information by doing much in-depth research to help them to take the right decision after high school. I am not amongst the professional writers but believe me I am amongst the one who loves to do research and share the right information to help my readers to take the right decision. My this attitude of researching and sharing information encourages me to start careerdefine.

Careerdefine is started with the aim to help students, freshers, employee, and other peoples who dream to make a fantastic career but confuse because of lack of information or demotivated by surrounding peoples. I believe every person in this universe has their unique skills set. In today’s fastest-growing and changing the world we humans somewhere not able to find out their talent . Not because of time but fear of failure which again because of lack of information which forces us to move back and let it be going as it is.

In today’s digital world, we all believe that “Information is like mine of gold.” The right information in the right time helps individual to make the right decision in their career. Careerdefine is a website for students, and other peoples who look for the right information on topics includes online earning, Education, career, and business that helps them decide to start or boost their career.