10 websites to earn money by watching videos

There are many smart ways to earn money online, But today in this blog we talk about the new way to earn money online by doing nothing. Yes, you heard right. Just watch a few videos and get paid. Yes, today you will get information on how to Earn $100 day by watching Videos- known the new way to earn online.

Here are the websites where you will earn money by watching videos.

Top 10 website that pays you for Watching Videos.


iRazoo TV allows you to earn money by watching their videos online. iRazoo videos inventory refreshes daily so don’t worry you never get bored here. Enjoy daily and every time new and fresh videos and earn money online any time from anywhere on any devices. iRazoo is free services so no need to pay for a subscription, just simply login and start earning money online by watching videos.

How does iRazoo works?

iRazoo works in three simple steps:

1. Watch Videos like short films, mobile app trailer, tutorial videos and more.

2. Earn iRazoo point. The More video you watch the more iRazoo points you get.

3. Turns those iRazoo points into cash from Paypal.


InboxDollar rewarded you by cash after watching videos on their website. In InboxDollar you earn cash for your every day online activities including watching videos. InbocDollar is a free service and can be accessed on any device and any platform. Just simply log in, watch videos and start earning cash. Here no points you get after watching videos. Yes, directly get real cash no point at all.

How do InboxDollar works?

Big Brands wants customers to watch their videos like movie trailers or new product trailers videos and more. They pay to InboxDollars and then InboxDollars shares a portion of those earning with you. You just need to do is:

1. Signup or Join the program

2. Watch the videos.

3. Earn the Cash.


Since 2002, Quickrewards helps many users to earn 1000 dollars in cash and gifts cards. Quickrewards is a free loyalty program currently only serving to few countries includes the U.S, Canada, and the UK.  Quickrewards also made few promises on their websites. We mentioned in below points

1.  Most offers credit within 24 hours.

2. cash out for PayPal with as little as a penny.

3. Gift card starting at $5.

4. PayPal Payment sent within 72 hours and Gift cards take a weak.

5. Same-day email response of your questions from real people.

How do Quickrewards work?

QuickRewards doesn’t mention their work model on the official website. But we assume that that will as another similar website we mentioned above.


Get free cashback in your wallet for watching video online. Swagbucks is a free service to earn money online by watching videos. Swagbucks official website shows Trustpilot score is 8.3 with 13,709 reviews. Swagbucks offers gift cards and cash for everyday things you do online including watching videos.

How do Swagbucks work?

1. join Swagbucks.

2. Do internet activity (watching videos, search the web, answer survey).

3. Earn Your Points.

4. Redeem your points for gift cards or get cash back from Paypal.


Perk TV offers you perks(cash) for watching videos. Perk.tv also run donation programs if you like to donate your earned perk you can do that on giving.perk.com. perk.tv belongs to Perk.com.  According to perk.tv terms and conditions, It’s services not available on all operating system, devices or locations. Your device is not able to access their services while accessing other features.

How does the perk.tv works?

The official website page doesn’t mention about their model. But we assume it is simple as all others in our list.


Viggle.tv also has perk(cash) process similar to perk.tv. The viggle.tv also belong to perk.com. As both viggle.tv and perk.tv belong to perk.com they are almost same.

How does the viggle.tv works?

The official website page doesn’t mention about their model. But we assume it is simple as all others in our list.


GrabPoints offers gift cards and cash for watching videos and doing internet activities. GrabPoints offers Giftcards of Big brands includes Netflix, Amazon, iTunes, Walmart and more. You can also download their app. According to the GrabPoints official website, They Rated 4.3 out of 5 with more than 1000 review.

How do the GrabPoint works?

The GrabPoint model is also similar and simple as other

1. Just sign in or Login

2. Do online activity

3. Earn gift card and PayPal cash.


Earnably offers Digital Rewards and gift cards for watching videos and do internet activities. Earnanbly also offers to Refer program to gain more customers and its good opportunity for you to earn more money by referring this website to your friends. Earnably offers gift cards of big companies include Dominos, Airbnb, Starbucks and more.

How do Earnably works?

The official website page doesn’t mention about their model. But we assume it is simple as all others in our list.


Grindabucks also offers good rewards for watching videos and doing internet activities. Grindabuck offers grindabucks points where 100 grindabucks equals to $1. It offers gift cards of Amazon, PayPal, Walmart, and bitcoins. The good thing is that you can instantly redeem your gift card.

How do the Grindabucks works?

1. simply join the program

2. Do internet activities or Watching Videos.

3. Earn Grindabucks for your every activity.

4. convert the grindabucks into payal cash.


Baymack also offers cash and rewards for watching videos. Baymack offers direct cash which you can get through Paytm or net banking. You just need to complete the entries or can say the task of watching videos.

How do the Baymack works?

1. Join the Program

2. Complete the task (Watch videos)

3. Redeem your cash through paytm and many other ways.


So in this blog, we discussed top10 websites and apps to earn money online by watching videos. So now you Known the new way to earn money by watching videos. If you known any other website please mentioned in comment.

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