7 ways how to earn money from Youtube without Adsense

Many Youtubers search daily on google the same question again and again that “How to earn money from youtube without Adsense”. There are Much reason searching for this question

 1. To Activate Adsense ads or Monetize youtube channel the YouTubers need 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours which is difficult for many YouTubers.

2. Adsense pay $1 per 1000 view rarely you get $5, depends on your visitors country.

3. The $100 threshold, yes you must complete $100 threshold to receive payment from Adsense.

So, any way to make money from Youtube without Adsense? Yes, there are many ways that we discuss in this blog “How to earn money from YouTube without Adsense”.

7 ways how to earn money from YouTube without Adsense

Affiliate Links

An affiliate link is the biggest revenue source of many YouTubers. If you don’t know what is an affiliate link and how you get an affiliate link? Don’t worry will discuss here. An affiliate link you get from affiliate program which is also called Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate Marketing is a commission-based program where you get commission after generating leads or redirect traffic.

How does Affiliate Marketing Works?

  There are many affiliate marketing programs like Amazon affiliate Marketing, Flipkart and More. Simply join there Affiliate Program so you will get your unique id and access of the affiliate products. So copy product URL from affiliate account in the URL your unique code also included, then paste that link to your description and tell the user in your video that you can buy the product by clicking the URL given in description. So when someone clicks the URL and visit the site and buy something, then you get a commission on that product. Congrats!

Sponsored Videos on Youtube

 Sponsorship video is the second-highest revenue source of Many famous YouTubers. Youtube Sponsorship video is brand awareness video created for other business in your related industries. In Youtube sponsorship video you talked about someone brand or another youtube channel for that you get paid a good amount.

How does Sponsored Videos on youtube work?

Suppose there is ABC company deals with shoes, who want to promote their brand on youtube and your youtube channel are completely based on Fashion and you have a good amount of views and subscribers. So the ABC company ask you to make sponsorship video for their brand on your youtube channel in exchange they will pay you a good amount.

Sell Products on Youtube

Selling Products is also a good idea who has a valuable product to sell. You can sell any kind of products like Electronic devices, T-shirts and clothes, Books and more. Many YouTubers sell different kinds of products on youtube and generate revenue.

How does sell products on Youtube?

Suppose, You are a very good cook and you daily make new recipes and create your recipe book includes 100s of different recipes. On your youtube channel you can show how to make tasty food and end of the video say “ If you want to try more recipes like this, you can buy my recipe book at just $100/lifetime link are given in description”. Such a call to action at end of video engage the user and they click the link and buy from you if they interested in your recipes.

Sell Services on Youtube

Sell services on youtube is also indirectly generate revenue for your business. Many Bussiness, Professionals, and Youtuber use this technique to generate more leads and boost the business. Just speak about the services on the youtube video and generate leads. More leads mean more customers indirectly more business.

How do the Sells services works on Youtube?

Suppose you are tutor teaching English, so you can daily upload videos on English lectures on youtube and at end of video offer services to viewers just saying “Hey If you like my teaching and want to improve your English. You can attend my classroom lectures at Delhi Hall every Sunday 4pm-6pm to join my batch contact me from below link”. Such a call to action words in your videos engage viewers to contact you.

Get Donation

If you are an artist or talent person with the poor financial condition you can show your art, skills, and talent on youtube and can ask for a donation to motivate and keep doing for long. Remember there are many peoples ready to donates to the desired one. So stay motivate and follow your passion on youtube.

How does the Get Donation Works on Youtube?

Suppose you are a good magician and you don’t have enough money or support to reach many audiences or doing a stage show. So here you can upload your magical videos on youtube and ask people “If you like my magic and you want I do this my long life help me by donating some amount by visit below URL in the description”. As I already said There are many to donate if you deserve.

License your videos

Remember you are living in the copyright world, always license your video helps you protect from copying the content and generate more revenue for you. Many media agencies generate revenue from licensing their videos.

How does license your video makes money?

Suppose you make a unique and awesome video and many people like and shares your videos so there may be some company like the video content and ask you to sale the rights of that video in exchange of good amount.

Get Paid for Suggestion

Get paid for suggestion is the easiest way to earn money from youtube. You can get paid from other YouTubers for suggesting their video in end cart of your videos or in-between playlist of similar topic.

How does the get paid for suggestion works on Youtube?

Suppose you have a Book summary video channel and another YouTuber of the same niche approach you to add their videos on your suggestion video in end card of your youtube videos or in-between playlist of similar topic.

Conclusion So here we discuss the 7 ways to earn money from youtube without Adsense. Hope you like the blog, please comment if you have any suggestion related to this blogs in the comment box.   

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